JS Code to Create and Format Comments in Static Websites like Hugo

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NB: This is just a place to share code. Please do reach out via email if you want to learn more.

Motivation: There are many commercial and complex ways of embedding comments in static web pages. Some pages encourage readers to share comments via email. A middle ground is to make generating comments as easy as possible. Hence, I wrote some JS code that automatically formats comments appropriately and embedded it in a Hugo shortcode. You can see the result below.

<form onsubmit="myFunction();return false" id="theform">
<h3>Questions? Thoughts? Generate a Comment to this Post!</h3><br>
  Enter Name:<br> <input type="text" id="author" style="display:table-cell; width:100%">
  Enter a Title for Later Reference:<br> <input type="text" id="title" style="display:table-cell; width:100%">
  If Applicable, Enter Reply Reference: <br>
  <input type="text" id="replyto" style="display:table-cell; width:100%">
  Enter Comment: <br>
  <textarea rows="7" id="comment" style="display:table-cell; width:100%"></textarea>
  <input type="submit" value="Generate Comment!">

myFunction = function() {
var author = document.getElementById("author");
var title = document.getElementById("title");
var replyto = document.getElementById("replyto");
var comment = document.getElementById("comment");

var author = author.value==="" ? "Anonymous" : author.value;
var title = title.value==="" ? ">Title: Untitled" : ">Title: " + title.value;
var replyto = replyto.value==="" ? "" : "<br>>In reply to: " + replyto.value;
var comment = comment.value.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm, "\n>");

var currentdate = new Date(); 
var tz = new Date().toString().match(/([A-Z]+[\+-][0-9]+)/)[1];
var datetime = currentdate.getDate() + "/"
                + (currentdate.getMonth()+1)  + "/" 
                + currentdate.getFullYear() + ", "  
                + currentdate.getHours() + ":"  
                + currentdate.getMinutes() + ":" 
                + currentdate.getSeconds() + " ("
                + tz + ")";

var message = "Hi Conrad,<br><br>I would like the following comment to be \
added to your post at the URL:<br><em>" + window.location + "</em><br><br>\
" + "Thanks,<br>" + author + "<br><br>" + 
"***********************************************************************************************<br><br>" + 
        ">On " + datetime + " " + author + " wrote: " + replyto + "<br>" +
        title + "<br>" + "><br>>" + comment + "<br><br>" +
<strong>Please send this message as an email to<br>\
<a href='mailto:[email protected]?subject=Blog Post Comment'>[email protected]</a><br>or via <a href='https://twitter.com/conradborchers'>Twitter @conradborchers</a></strong>";
var form = document.getElementById('theform');
form.style.display = 'none';
var out = document.getElementById("answer");
out.style.display = "block";
<br><pre><code id="answer"></code></pre>

Questions? Thoughts? Generate a Comment to this Post!

Enter Name:

Enter a Title for Later Reference:

If Applicable, Enter Reply Reference:

Enter Comment:

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